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White or Brown Egg? Which One Is Healthier?

written by

Sarah Fischer

posted on

July 31, 2017

Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between brown eggs and white eggs?

You know the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? Well, don't judge an egg by the color of its shell.

Here's why: The color of shell is determined by what breed of chicken laid the egg. Or even easier...the color of the feathers = the color of the eggs.

At Nature’s Pantry we have brown and gray chickens that lay brown eggs and white chickens that lay….yep, you guessed it, white eggs.

The real question you should be asking is what color is the yolk. 

What you want to see is a deep golden, almost orange colored yolk. This indicates the chicken has spent her life outside and has enjoyed eating fresh grass and bugs. 

A “regular egg” from the grocery has a pale yellow yolk. These chickens never get fresh air, are given the square footage equal to the size of a sheet of paper, and they eat a totally unnatural corn based diet. 

Are you able to figure out which is which?

I was talking to someone who has done some construction work for one of the large chicken companies and he was told if the chickens don’t lay an average of 1.5 eggs/day they get turned into chicken noodle soup.

No pressure ladies. 

Don’t they know it’s not even natural for a chicken to lay 1 egg/day?  Unfortunately, it always comes down to money. Many of these poor chickens don’t stand a chance due to the deep pockets of these large companies.

We’re proud to say we do not have that kind of criteria at our farm! No daily quota to meet here.

There’s a lot of hype these days about farm-fresh food. And it’s for good reason. 

In comparison to a conventional egg, pasture-raised eggs contain:

1/3 less cholesterol

1/4 less saturated fat

2/3 more Vitamin A

2x more omega-3 fatty acids

3x more Vitamin E

7x more beta carotene

4-6x more vitamin D

Higher folic acid levels

Measurable levels of vitamin C

Not only can you see the difference, you can taste the difference in our eggs. Pastured eggs have so much more flavor than eggs from the grocery store.

We start every morning with eggs for breakfast. Our favorite ways to eat eggs are...scrambled, over-easy, omelets, hard-boiled or egg-bake. What's your favorite way to eat eggs?

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