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Need To Feed A Crowd? We've Got You Covered With 2 Easy Options Inside

written by

Sarah Fischer

posted on

December 22, 2023

I can't believe Christmas is here!  Are you ready?!

We'll be busy celebrating with family over the next few days. 

All the gatherings = all the food. 

While I love a classic Christmas meal, I don't need 4 of them in a row.

We decided to skip the huge meal for my family Christmas and keep things simple (so we don't all have to wear sweatpants!)

Instead, we're having hot sandwiches and appetizers.  

I gladly volunteered to make sandwiches because they're so easy and I already have all of the meat in my freezer.

Since your freezer is now stocked too, I thought I'd share the recipes I'm using in case you're stuck not knowing what to make.

Here's what we're having:


You can prep either of these in under 2 minutes (it'll take you longer to slice the buns then it will to make these!)

And they're so delicious.

If you don't need them for Christmas, they'd be perfect for a New Year's gathering.

Or those busy weeknights you're driving kids to and from practice.


Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas,

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