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How To Make Homemade Butter

written by

Sarah Fischer

posted on

June 2, 2017

If I've learned anything as a real food lover, it's that you need to be careful. 

You can empty your bank account in a hurry if you go "all-in-organic" and sometimes it's just not worth it.  

I recently posted this picture on Facebook, did you happen to see it?


I posted it because I thought this was a prime example of when "organic" isn't always worth the extra $.

In my opinion, the butter on the left isn't a whole lot better than "regular" butter you can buy at the store, yet you are paying much more for it because it is organic.  See how it "pales" (literally) in comparison to our 100% grass-fed butter?

This post led to a number of questions about buying butter from Nature's Pantry.  

I make about 8# of butter/week, but unfortunately, MN law does not allow us to sell it.  

Because I know you can't buy butter like this anywhere around here (believe me, I've looked) and I want your family to have all the health benefits from grass-fed butter, I made a video showing you exactly how to make your very own grass-fed, organic butter that will cost you absolutely nothing.  

I've seen grass-fed butter for sale for $20+/pound, which is worth every penny in my opinion, but that is not feasible for most families (including mine).  

Making your own butter is one example of how to eat organic on a budget.  With very minimal effort on your part you can save a ton of money by doing it yourself and it freezes really well so you can make a bunch and have butter to use for months!

(If you really want a life-changing experience, try a glug of this cream in your coffee in the is to die for!!) . Making butter is so easy .  Be sure to check out the video below to learn how!

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