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Are We Guilty or Innocent?

June 20, 2019

Do you want to hear the funniest, most ridiculous story I've ever heard? There's a pretty good chance you'll actually chuckle out's that good.

One of our loyal egg customers was kind enough to make her colleague some of our eggs. Let's call this colleague well educated...very well educated.

After looking at the eggs on his plate he was rather concerned and wanted to know what we injected our eggs with to get them to be that color.

Our customer of course stood behind us and told him we did not inject our eggs with anything but rather, it's because "the chickens are raised outside."

He wasn't buying it. He was adamant that something had to be done to get the yolk to be so golden orange.

 First of all, I'm flattered.

Someone actually thinks I'm smart enough to get a pinpoint opening into an egg without breaking it, precisely inject this substance into the yolk without getting any in the white, and then magically seal up the egg so it doesn't leak? 

Wow, what an honor!

However, I'm not that smart…… and we've got 600 chickens that lay eggs 'round here. I would have to be injecting eggs 24 hours/day to make that happen!


Second, you can see with your own eyes the difference in our eggs throughout the year.

We keep our chickens in the barn in the winter to help keep them safe and warm. Eggs yolks are the least colorful at this time.

Then comes spring and we open the doors and let them run free around the farm. Eggs yolks get a little darker.

Finally, summer is here, our pastures are lush and we bring them out and move them to fresh grass every single day and the yolks are a color that'll make you question what you're eating.

Can you figure out which egg is from Nature's Pantry and which one is from the grocery store?


What do you think he'd say if I showed him a picture of our butter? Yellow 5??


Organic butter from the store pales (literally!) in comparison to our butter. 

But again, our butter only looks like this during the summer months when the cows are out on fresh pasture. 

During the winter when our cows are fed dry hay the butter looks similar to store bought butter.

How about of one of our grass-fed steaks? Would he think the dark color comes from Red Dye 40?


I think I've made my point.

We're not injecting ANY of our products with anything. Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye (or egg).  The only one injecting anything into our food is Mother Nature. 

Delicious grass, sunshine, and fresh air are what make our products "different" from anything you can buy in the grocery store.

Cheers to delicious & nutritious food!

Sarah Fischer

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