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6 Benefits Of Bone Broth + How To Make It

written by

Sarah Fischer

posted on

September 23, 2023

Feeding a family on a budget these days is tough.
We're all feeling the pinch of record high inflation. 
But, with a little extra effort in the kitchen, I can help you make your dollars stretch and get more meals out of what you've got.
One of my favorite ways to do this is to make Homemade Bone Broth.
Not only is it delicious, it will only cost you pennies to make AND it's so good for you.
Take a look at this info from Dr. Josh Axe:


See what I mean?!  So good for you.  And it's so easy to make.
Now that soup season is starting (my fav), I always have a batch of broth ready to go and I use it as a base to all of my soups.
I love being able to make a big pot of soup ahead of time and then just warming it up for supper.
Makes supper time a little less chaotic.  Thank you Jesus.
Here's how I make Homemade Bone Broth:


 Beef soup bones work great for this if you don't have a leftover chicken.
If you don't have any soup bones in your freezer, I've got you covered here with our grass-fed soup bones.
Give this recipe a try and let me know it goes!

In health,

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