1/2 Hog Deposit

1/2 Hog Deposit

Approx. 80 lbs of meat - a variety of bacon, ham, pork chops, roasts, lard, brats, sausages
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There isn't much in this world that can top bacon from happy pigs.  Our pigs spend their days roaming in fresh grass, rolling in mud puddles, and getting their ears scratched.  They are also spoiled rotten with fresh, raw milk which makes incredibly juicy pork chops.  


You secure your order by placing a non-refundable deposit.  

We bring the animal the butcher to the butcher of your choice - George’s (Nicollet), Schmidt’s (Nicollet) or Odenthal Meats (New Prague) - and they give us a "hanging weight", which is the weight after all the inedible parts are removed.

You pay us $2.75/lb, less your deposit, based on the hanging weight of each animal.  Price does not include processing fees - this will be in addition to the amount paid for the beef.  

We'll send you a cheat sheet to simplify the process of selecting your cuts.

You call the butcher with your cut choices.  

Approximately 2 weeks after the delivery of the pork, the butcher will call you when your order is ready to be picked up!  

The meat will be flash frozen so plan to bring 1-2 boxes or coolers per half, depending on how far you have to drive to get home.