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Do you have an interest in Regenerative Farming but don't know where to start?

Being prior conventional farmers, we know the struggle.

Our journey with Regenerative Agriculture started in 2012 when we began questioning if there was a correlation between the way we were producing food and the impact it was having on people's health.

The information we uncovered changed our lives forever.

We're now focused entirely on raising healthy food for our community, healing our land, and establishing something great for future generations to come.

After a decade of trial and error, we're ready to show our fellow farmers everything we know so you, too, can join us in creating a network of Regenerative Farms.

Join us for 3 hours of hands-on on the farm!

Tag along for chores to see first hand how we do everything. Take notes and pictures on all the equipment we are using. Ask any questions you have. Best of all, network with other likeminded farmers.

The tour is limited to 10 people so you can have our undivided attention and get the most out of your time with us.

**tickets are non-refundable and tour will happen rain or shine**


Farmer's Only Payment Plan (2 payments of $89.50)

$89.50/ea (Sunday June 12th 2-5pm)
Sale Farmer's Only Payment Plan (2 payments of $89.50)

Farmers Only Farm Tour

$179.00/ea (Sunday June 12th 2-5pm)
Sale Farmers Only Farm Tour